White Horse Farm is the home of White Horse Farm Carriages, one of Kent's longest established carriage hire companies.


Professional and Courteous. Safe and Secure.

These gentle giants have taken hundreds of brides to their weddings. Our famous shire horses have often been on tv, we have the largest stable of working white shire horses in the south east.


We also have lighter built white horses for longer distances, and beautiful black Friesian horses, with their impressive long curly manes.


White Horse Farm Carriages employs three qualified commercial coachmen, who know and love the 30 commercial driving horses that they work with.


With our impressive range of carriages, from white glass coaches to traditional landaus, or more rural country Wagonettes. We have a carriage to suit every occasion, boasting 28 carriages in our fleet.


Our heavy horses are immaculately turned out, and won the prestigious accolade of taking both first and second place in the trade turnout at the popular Sevenoaks heavy horse show.

Founded by Emma Nuttall in 1994 with her pair of grey hackney

cross geldings called Benson and Hedges.


White Horse Farm Carriages has grown and expanded, boasting a stable of eight working carriage horses, and a rare white shire ridden Asian horse, one of the biggest Asian ridden horses in the country.


White Horse Farm Carriages specialists in the rare white shire horses, renowned for their patience and gentleness.


Whitehorse Farm Carriages
Glass Landau Carriage

Our beautiful white shire horses Honour, Valour, Beauty and Ronnie are all pedigree and registered with British Shire Horse Society, and being white are very rare.


Extremely experienced, kind and gentle, they are the most majestic of horses.


Their huge hooves resounding as they clip clop along the streets, summoning people from their houses to come out and take in the power and wonderful sight that is the shire horse.


Our famous white shires, have carried out some prestigious jobs, including the Olympics opening ceremony.

Beauty specialises in taking Asian grooms to the ceremony.


Being a shire horse she is probably the largest white female horse that carries out this job, and is famous in the South East for her size.


The Asian ridden horse, or white Ghorie has to be female in keeping with tradition, and is a sign of fertility.


Beauty has been trained by professionals, and has taken hundreds of grooms to their ceremonies.  She is completely comfortable with drummers, dancers and pipers.


Dressed in traditional Asian drapes, and her handlers too wear traditional Asian attire.  Beauty is fully insured for your peace of mind.

Our lorries are licensed with VOSA and regularly inspected, and our staff all have their animal welfare transport officers qualifications (WATOS).


We only use our own horses and carriages, and all prospective clients are encouraged to come to the farm to view and choose their horses.


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Landau Carriages

White Carriage



We have a wide variety of horses and carriages, more pictures coming soon....

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